17 May 2016


We organised two screenings in Mumbai, in partnership with the Hamara Foundation, a charity which provides education and a healthy environment for children in poor communities.  Our audiences included former street children and slumdwellers, teachers and trainers. We translated English and Hindi into Marathi.

Of those taking our survey before viewing the films, not a single person knew that hepatitis affects the liver, nor its cause. No one had been vaccinated, and only 5% had been tested. Equally concerning was the fact that almost no one had seen information about hepatitis in the media or in their local hospital or clinic.

The response from seeing our films was dramatic:

  • all those taking our survey said they would be tested for hepatitis if they showed symptoms
  • 68% now knew that vaccination at birth could prevent the disease
  • 90% said they would get their children vaccinated
  • 95% thought it was possible for people being treated for hepatitis B to lead a normal life
  • all found the films informative.

Now I will go and tell all my friends about this disease.’

  • Priya Kamble, 13, student